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Thermocouples & RTD


led 5mm led 3mm super bright PCB Board Thermocouple Probe Type T Copper Clad Laminate BC182 CCL Cable Lug feMale Industrial Indicator Lamp 12V Pilot Lamp 16mm FR4 Pilot Lamp 10mm Pilot Lamp 12V LED Lamp 16mm Industrial Indicator Lamp 16mm Neon Lamp 10mm led 3mm Industrial Indicator Lamp 10mm LED Lamp 12V Cable Lug Male Spade inkjet film A4 IC 74194 Starter Kit for Arduino UNO kinsten pp1015 PIC18F4550 male to female Jumper Wire Donut board Diode 1N4003 Transistor TIP 122 RF Receiver Module (433MHz) RF-R IC 7486 Multiturn Preset 3296W 10K Pilot Lamp 22mm Transistor TIP41C IC 7473 74HC194- 4bit Bidirectional Shif 5mm Bi-color LED Serial LCD (16x2) 0.0047pF (128) Thermocouple Probe Type J IC 74191 LiPo Rechargeable Battery 22.2V FR1 Insulated Terminal (Fork) 4mm / 1/0.5 Single Core PVC Wires IRF4905 Inductive Proximity Sensor 25V Electrolytic Capacitors Multiturn Preset 3296W 1K 4mm Pneumatic Tubing Large Push button Switch (NO) PCB Mounting Fuse Holders Heat Shrink Tube 3mm Accublack 100P IC 74163 LCD (16x2) Strip board LED Lamp 22mm Arduino Uno Rev3 1.5V AA Battery 16 Channel Servo Controller SC16 5W / 10Kohm Rotary Potentiometer Soil moisture sensor Breadboard Industrial Indicator Lamp 22mm 2510 PCB Connector Transistor TIP31C Zener Diode 5.1V/0.5W 74HC86- Quad 2 Input Exclusive-O Insulated Terminal (Fork) 3mm / 50V Electrolytic Capacitors LM386 DC Fan 12V Solenoid Valve - 1/2inch Diode 1N5406 Mini Slide Switch (PCB) Resistor Network 330R CD-4051 12V / 7.2AH SLA Battery Buzzer (PCB Mount ) led 10mm Maxim DS2788EVKIT Straight Turn Pin 40pin Arduino Pro Mini 328 - 5V/16MHz Arduino L298N DC Motor Driver Du IC 74193 8 x 8 LED Matrix (Red) green led 3mm NE567 Analog Distance Sensor (10-80cm) BLH450K-30 XBee Starter Kit without module IR Sensor PR4 8085AH IFC - Brushless Motor Card IFC-B Ultrasonic Ranging Module IR Receiver (3 pin) IMAX B3AC 8PK-033K Proskit Solder Lead AmpFlow E30-400 Motor With Sproc